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Mild Steel, concrete, shadows, software, MIDI



''BYE BYE BIRDies is a collaboration between Maltese artists Matyou Galea and Aaron Bezzina. I had mentioned to them, that what I miss a lot living in Malta is the lack of bird songs.

Starting from there the artists have created a site-specific, interactive installation using sound, sculpture, and light combined in one work. The sound consists of singing bird songs, but not songs which were recorded in nature; rather these are recordings of a person who imitates 91 samples of 35 different bird species. The resulting sound is a blend of human and animal elements.

A sculptural object consisting of two human hands are the kinetic component of the installation. They are positioned within the range of a light shaft. Once the viewer/listener moves the hands he triggers a light sensor which then starts the bird songs.

The title BYE BYE BIRDies relates to a 1963 song and a film by/with Ann Margret.

This exhibition inaugurates a collaboration between Michael Bock and Architecture Projects under the name of MB.AP.''

Michael P. Bock

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