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Palimpsest of Power


Wood, stain-varnish, screws, rope and PVA glue

The structure takes the form of a pendulum and could be seen as having the shape of a head/bust, relating to the notion of portraiture in the form of figure-heads.


Utilising the negative space within the staircase as a ‘tower’, which is the symbol (and function) of power within the panopticon architecture - this is toppled and dragged down to the ground level. Leaving itself in a far more vulnerable position within this new hollow and line-drawing structure. Yet, a polar opposite interpretation of this installation is that rather than this ‘heavy’ mass is being exposed and unprotected, this pendulum could therefore act as a wrecking-ball due to the kinetic energy is can gain. 


At the Mahalla Festival - Palimpsest, Greek Elementary School in Kurtulus, Istanbul

1st-10th September 2022

Supported by Arts Council Malta

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