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Untitled (black paintings)


Acrylic paint, canvas, PVA adhesive and staples


"The Untitled (black paintings), Bezzina’s latest work delves into his fascination of the sculptural through painting. Much like the Spatialists, these paintings—‘windows into blackness’—strive to ‘open up’ a space beyond the flat surface of the canvas. Here, again, is a puzzle for the viewer to complete; the three-dimensional space ‘beyond’ the canvas is only suggested as projection, existing only in the mind.

For this show, Aaron Bezzina will be exhibiting his Untitled (black paintings), the latest body of work."

Text written by Isaac Azzopardi for 'here&now01", an artist collective exhibition, envisioned by Valletta Contemporary to showcase and promote Maltese emerging artists who are pushing the contemporary art discourse in Malta.This exhibition was curated by Norbert Francis Attard.

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